Approved Contractor Scoring

The scoring system:

Each year every approved contractor - assesses its performance against 89 individual indicators of achievement. At assessment these scores are verified by an independent assessor.

The minimum overall score that a company can achieve and still be approved is zero. Zero is a satisfactory score, as it demonstrates that the company is meeting the ACS standard and following recognised industry effective practice. The maximum overall score that can be achieved is currently 168.

How should the score be interpreted?

A company that has achieved a score of 64 or higher is in the top half of performance for approved contractors.

A company that achieves a score of 107 or more is in the top 25% of approved companies in the scheme. 

At the last assessment in 2015 AsPro achieved a score of 107 which placed us in the top 25% of Approved Contractor companies.

AsPro has worked hard over the last 8 years of being an Approved Contractor to continually improve and develop our systems and processes to offer our customers the best service and to look after and develop our staff. Our scoring over the years has reflected these improvements.





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